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Martin Slanina(*1982)

Who I am

I have been active in the real estate market since 2009, when I started investing in my first apartment in the Riegrovy Sady residence in Prague's Vinohrady. Together with the units of my family, I manage apartments, houses, industry with a usable area of over 13,200 m2 in Prague and Central Bohemia. I am also a licensed real estate agent(prof. qualification Ev. no.: MMR_2101971/66-042-M).


I come from an entrepreneurial family where my father founded a construction company in 1991, which I took over after his death in 2003 and ran for eight years. It was a production plant (heavy gravel and sand, production of building materials).


How I work

Always in exclusive representation. Always with an individual approach, because each property is different, intended for a different range of potential buyers. Discretion and mutual trust are important to my clients, and I have been building these relationships for many years.

Who do I support?

I am proudspeaker of the project You can do business, honorableplatelet donor(of platelets) at the Prague Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion,by an ADRA volunteer, obs

From an early age I felt best in the company of people. Selling real estate was a clear choice, where I can fully demonstrate my talent in communication with people, determination and negotiation skills.

My persuasive abilities are also evidenced by the fact that when I worked as an assistant at a luxury car supplier shortly after school, in the absence of the salesperson, thanks to my eloquence and persuasiveness, I sold a Maserati without a test drive (I didn't have a driver's license at that time). .

I spent several years in a real estate agency, which was one of the first in our country to start photographing real estate with a professional photographer, and here I also got to "homestaging" real estate for the first time and gathered my first knowledge of the real estate market..._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

I gradually gained further experience in an interior design studio, in a multinational real estate corporation and, last but not least, with a prominent Italian developer.

At the same time, I am engaged in the purchase and subsequent reconstruction of my own investment apartments, re-designs of existing rental apartments...

 I take every project as a joyful challenge, I am a perfectionist and at LYE I am in charge of homestaging, property tours with clients and interior design. 

Credo: "I communicate, therefore I am!"

"Nothing we do is perfect,

but it leads us to perfection.”

— Milo Mahdall

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